Trading Account Security – The Measures you Need to Take for your Safety

Countless opportunities exist in the dynamic world of online cryptocurrency trading, but there are also some measures you need to take to protect yourself and secure a safe, exciting trading experience. Learn how to safeguard your trading account with these 5 rules and avoid any potential hacking attacks – read now to get to know the most fundamental account protection tips!

Generate your Password Carefully!

The first point of protection of your trading account is the password you create for logging in. As obvious as it sounds, you really need to be careful when generating this secret password. Firstly, you need to make sure you keep it private always and never share it – you should be the sole account holder and person with access to it. You should also avoid typing it on a piece of paper and caring it with you – just image what might happen to your trading account should you lose with and someone gains access to your trading account. To put it short, it may end up being a very costly mistake. Your best bet is to use a password management tool and keep it in safe place. Finally, but just as importantly, make sure your password is strong enough – use upper- and lower-case letter, numbers and even symbols if possible. Try to generate a unique, random password, which is as far away from generic information like your birthday date or contains easily hackable numbers as 123456. – you would really be surprized how frequently this mistake gets exploited.

Execute Deposits and Withdrawal Yourself!

You should not trust anyone else with depositing, withdrawing, and transacting on your trading account. The responsibility about the funds in your account is entirely yours. In the extreme scenario when you are unable to execute a transaction and need to do so, the only person you should authorize is your personal account manager, who you are familiar with.

Stay Away from Trading Advice over Instant Messaging

In this day and age, instant messaging services are extremely useful for keeping in touch with friends and family and sharing experiences. They should be avoided when it comes to serious activity such as cryptocurrency trading and here is why. Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook’s Messenger allow third parties to contact you extremely easy. Do not accept communication and advice from strangers, who claim to offer trading advice and assistance. Use your registered e-mail for communication in regard to your trading account and ensure you interact with a trusted account support individual.

Always Report Suspicions

No matter if you are not sure about certain activity or simply do not recall some actions taken on your trading, you should always confirm and report and suspicions by contacting your dedicated account support team. You should remember these are trained industry professionals, whose main responsibility is to address your concerns as a trading member. No matter if you it is about a technical difficulty or a simple question about your account, Customer Support is always by your side to guarantee you receive an enjoyable trading  experience.